23 Research Things Cambridge

23-research-things-stripMy latest project sees me learning 23 Research Things, a Cambridge course. It is a programme that offers tips and tricks to learning many different research tools and techniques. Each new week will see the release of new “Things” to explore and learn.

I will slowly be going through the programme, using reflective blogging techniques to describe my experiences as each new “Thing” is released. Hence this blog!

“Thing 1” introduced me to the programme and “Thing 2” covered the art of reflective blogging. Consequently, the next two posts will be retrospectively covering my experiences with the course so far.

In the meantime, I’ll just list my aims and reasons for tackling the course so I need to tell you a little about myself.


  1. I’m a Librarian
  2. Part of my job requires me to assist staff and students who are researching subjects within my library.
  3. Another part of my job requires me to promote the 23 Research Things project.
  4. I like being good at my job so this programme should suit me down to the ground.
  5. I hate that this U.S. website doesn’t know I’m English and is alerting me to my definitely un-American spelling of the word “programme”.

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