Thing 1: All The Things!

Today I learnt about the forthcoming programme of “Things” and I’m apprehensive about tackling some and excited about others.



  1. Pocket – Lord knows what this is. What if it’s a non-specifically destinationed individual’s pocket? Yes, that’s the politically-correct term for a tramp. Actually, I wonder what a NSDI has in their pocket? Could be gin. Mmmm… gin.
  2. Storify – I’m good at writing stories but what if it’s complex stories that are needed?
  3. – I know I should know more about this than I do – I hope it’s simple.
  4. Github – I don’t want to meet gits.
  5. Podcasting – I’ve been avoiding podcasting for years. I only like the Twittertainment podcasts on Radio Five. Long live the Kermode.
  6. Presenting Skills – I’m secretly quite a private person.
  7. Data mining – this just sounds like hard work. Ok, I know a little. I’m being deliberately dumb here for comedic effect. I’ll stop.


  1. Twitter – I do this. I like it. I want to learn everything.
  2. Reddit – I’ve always wanted to know about this but have never had the time.
  3. Sourcing good images – I have a few sources, more will be awesome.
  4. Visualising data – this will allow me to see like Neo in the Matrix.
  5. The Ultimate Research Tool – how can you not be excited by that build up.

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