Thing 2: Blogging

So, onto Thing 2. “Blogging”. Or, to all intents and purposes, this blog.


  1. It’s a little bit fiddly. Half of the problem is over-riding the template’s pre-existing posts but that’s a problem I brought on myself.
  2. It’s fun. I like making blogs.
  3. It’s not a natural process. I’m ever-conscious that I’m supplying more data about myself online and that makes me a little antsy. But, hey, I’m all in here.
  4. I’m already looking forward to looking back at these early posts and laughing at my naivety. Hey, I do it all the time with my other blogs.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Hi! Loving your posts so far, especially the list that talks about what you’re excited about and what you’re apprehensive about. I remember looking back at older blog posts and being rather amused at how much I’ve changed since I wrote them, and sometimes how little too! Looking forward to reading about your experience with the programme as it progresses.


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