Thing 5: Twitter

I’m over Twitter like a rash at the moment.

It’s an incredible tool for someone as divorced from the institutions and focus (especially University research) groups as I am and I’m keen to engage with and assist these very people. Every day brings a new layer of understanding on Twitter and immersion in so many worlds often kept under the radar.

As a promoter of services, it enables folk like me to connect in new ways. Time restraints are no longer the main issue. Of course, this allows room for true inspiration and Twitter enables me and my own institution.

My finger is finally on the pulse! Well, let’s hope it is.

I can only emphasize the value of hashtags – and if anyone knows of any they find particularly useful in the field of #natsci then by all means chuck them my way.

Finally, Hootsuite. It’s a great social media tool although I’ll admit to finding it a tad manic. I would suggest exploring Tweetdeck as an alternative. It’s especially useful for those who want to converse solely in Twitter.


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  1. Having seen what you’ve done on Twitter, you really do embrace it as a medium. It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad you’re finding it useful to keep tabs on what research is going on out there.


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