Thing 10: Communicating complex ideas

Having listened to the excellent interview with Ryan Cronin for Thing 10, I’ve decided to give the one-sentence summary and elevator pitch a go for something I find really interesting that I pursue in my spare time (simply because I understand it and believe in it passionately – not because I’m looking for funding).

  • One-sentence summary

I love modern heavy metal music and spend my time interviewing the bands, reviewing their music and writing articles about the emotions and changing dynamics of the contemporary scene and the historical influences upon it.

  • Elevator pitch

I write about heavy metal music. I interview the bands to find out what inspires them and their music, the experience of performing to a live audience and their plans for the future. I research and review the bands, their music releases, their forbears and their contemporaries to enable me to critically appraise each band’s music and their live shows with a constructive eye and from an emotional standpoint. Asking myself “How does their music make me feel?” is as important as asking myself “Do I like it?”. DING. FOURTH FLOOR. HARDWARE, CHILDREN’S WEAR, LADIES LINGERIE*.

Not exactly a complex idea but I tried and I’ll happily answer all questions. Who knows it might inspire me to think differently about things.

(* With apologies to Aerosmith for adapting their “Love In An Elevator” lyrics)


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  1. Nice use of the elevator pitch here!


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