Thing 11: Tube, Podcast & Hangout

Yep, I just titled this “Tube, Podcast & Hangout” and no, it’s not an urban phrase. “Netflix and chill” this is not.

It’s time for me to start exploring the worlds of Youtube, Podcasting and Google Hangout.

I’ve picked an examples to kick off things:

  • Youtube

I picked this one because it surprised me. I started off watching it because I met the guys making it and wanted to see what they’d done. The content turned out to be incredibly informative and gave me a quick glance and a theory I’d heard of (Sheldon Cooper, you’ve got a lot to answer for) but never attempted to understand or research any further.

I can see how creating even simple videos could be extremely valuable to both inform and teach academic subjects. It’s not all just kittens falling off stuff and monkeys riding piglets.

  • Podcast

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review @wittertainment =

I chose this one to highlight because I’m a regular listener and the pair of them bounce of each other in a thoroughly entertaining manner.

If I were ever going to produce a podcast, I am in no doubt that audioboom would be my first port of call. It looks a piece of cake. I looked at the top science podcasts just to get a handle on what was out there, best science podcasts, and I also had a look for the reasons and stats behind it’s resurgence: popularity and statistics

  • Google Hangout

By Jove! This is Skype. And it knows me already through my Google Account. I’m scared. Now where’s Brian Blessed? I want to discuss beards with him…



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  1. Good YouTube choice. Now I’ve learned something about string theory!


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