Thing 12: Presentions

Today’s thing was about creating effective presentations. I also went to one of the corresponding Moore Library’s Research Events to get the REALLY GOOD tips! Yo, people, #Canva rocks!

All this has led to me, rather unbelievably, creating my first Powerpoint presentation to do with First Aid good practice and, more specifically, what to do when someone starts choking.

Of course, I’d be happy to present this to any Cambridge folks who would like to see it, but for the time-being you’ll have to make do with my slides alone: Are You Choking?

All this means I do now actually have a LinkedIn profile after all as SlideShare is part and parcel of the LinkedIn service.

Tackling these things has certainly given me renewed confidence in knowing that “presentation” isn’t actually a dirty word. You don’t need to be a genius to make great-looking presentations. They can be easily tackled when you know what the right tools are, that can be done for free. This Thing has been most insightful! Give it a go, people.


Slides Credit: WikiVisual ‘bot and WikiHow CC BY NC SA: Choking-Victim


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