Thing 17: Survey tools

So, yeah, Qualtrics – UIS seem to have policy of outsourcing all Cambridge University requests for accounts to the source in the United States. Of course, this means a two-week waiting time before account approval. Bit rubbish, but there you go.

After waiting the prerequisite amount of time, I have to say it really is quite a cool little tool. It’s easy to change the parameters and it has all sorts of formats that you can pose a question in – from heat maps to speedometers! I had a go at creating one from scratch – see here:

As for SurveyMonkey. I gave it a bash but the limitations upon it are there for all to see and it does seem to favour certain methods of collecting data which may not suit. Here’s my bash at creating one:


I think Doodle’s a cracking little tool for organising meet-ups and I’ve using it for a while now. Simple, clean, easy-to-understand and effective. Surprisingly versatile as well.

Finally, Luther has blogged some great points here about the natural bias of surveying:


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