Thing 20: Data visualisation

When it comes to presenting data in a presentation, I have seen some horrors.

Often these do take the form of pie charts and where thse don’t effectively present your data, bar charts can be the better option. Trumping both these are infographics and I, like Georgina, would totally give these a thumbs up. They tick all boxes. But remember the following acronym…

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

And, I agree, it is a great tip to check it out on a single colleague first, before presenting to many.

I’ve Pocket-ed and PiktoChart to try out some infographics later and will report back on my progress soon.

UPDATE: Here’s my version of an infographic and please forgive the guesstimated statistics:


Meanwhile, I recently saw the most impressive piece of data presentation ever in this article:


Check out the moving graphic here:

Mindblowing, no?


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