Things 23 & 24: The ultimate research tool

Drum roll and… spoiler alert…


The ultimate research tool is your own library. Of course!

University Libraries, Affiliated Libraries, Faculty Libraries, College Libraries and Public Libraries all share the same things – a wealth of knowledge and an all-knowing, helpful staff on hand to guide you through to the resource you need and beyond. Visit one today and go on your own journey of discovery.

Often, if you have the access rights, you can stay right where you and delve into all of your library’s online resources. You can even pick your Librarian’s brains remotely.

Yep, as a Librarian myself I have to say the course has got this one bang on.

So, now all has been revealed, reflecting on the 23 Research Things course as a whole I have to say its been extremely helpful at illuminating areas of research I’d only previously heard whispered in passing. Now I feel I can dive in further to such complex topics as Altmetrics, Surveying, Podcasting, Storify, Creative Commons, RDM, TDM, crowdsourcing or blogging. Just watch me go.

Oh, and the Q&A and blooper reel. Well firstly a hearty congratulations to Team Cronin. So as 23 Research Things project melts into the much larger Moore Methods concept I have to say it has achieved its aims. Agreed, it’s proved a great tool for researchers, librarians and even works as a useful publicly-available guide for all. It’s just a great little way of introducing research tips and tools to dip in and out of. Excited now about Moore Mentions too. Keep it coming, Georgina!




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  1. Woohoo! Great final post and well done for completing the course! I’ll be sending out achievement certificates in the new year so bravo! Your blog has been fab and I’m pleased to see that you’ve been writing about other stuff that you’ve been doing in addition to the programme. Keep it up!


  2. Moorepheus says:

    Inspiration often strikes from familiar places but the best part is when it creates an unusual domino effect. You held the door for me, so now I shall hold it for the next person. Merry Christmas!


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