Framework Five: Thing 1

Information Literacy (InfoLit) in My Role

I handle multiple types of information in my job role. Each type varies enormously by their definition, context, purpose and value. Some examples of the types of information literacy I need:

  • I need to understand HTML coding to a degree where I can comfortably input streams of website metadata to create an impacting and logical database of knowledge.
  • I need to know how social media platforms can be efficiently and effectively used to clearly and consistently convey my Library and University news and events.
  • I need to understand copyright practices to be able to operate a document delivery service without contravening UK law.
  • I need to understand library policy and practice so that I can help deliver a consistent and efficient reader services desk.

Defining InfoLit Fluency in My Community

Taking the third example of information literacy described above, fluency is defined by a clear and current understanding of specific sections of UK copyright law that relate to document delivery and the interpretation and application of that law by my community.

Proficiency is defined by knowledge-gathering to the point that I can create, for example, sets of applicable standard operating procedures, adapt those procedures to a different library’s set of circumstances and confidently train library staff and (to a lesser extent), academic staff and students, in the use and application of the pertinent areas of the law.

As the UK copyright law changes and my community’s application of that law, I am required to adapt our document delivery services. This I have done effectively and across multiple libraries, adapting procedures to fit each individual library’s requirements.

Note: In this example, my “community” relates to those UK libraries running document delivery services.

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