Soundtracks for Students

Student life at Cambridge can be tough, so the Engineering Library is currently putting together a series of ‘Soundtracks for Students’ that we hope will provide suitable motivational backing music to accompany their time here. If our researchers and staff find them emotionally engaging as well, then all the better.


Our first playlist is now live on the Spotify music streaming service and has been named ‘Chillout’. It aims to be the perfect soundtrack to that restful morning or relaxing evening. If it boosts endorphins and quells anxiety to enable good mental health and wellbeing, then it will have been a success. You can listen to it here –

Future playlists are currently being planned to provide an aural study aid to those revising for exams, to promote the Library’s events around the Easter Break, and to offer a timely burst of uplifting and motivational music to refresh confidence and help students nail their exams.

Update: Since the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus requiring the need to close our physical library spaces, our next playlist will focus on motivating students and staff alike as we start working and researching from home. Watch this space!





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